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  • Urbane Touches for Your Kid-Friendly Home

    Posted on October 7, 2013 by admin


    the Lauren Sofa Bed from Coaster

    A child-friendly home doesn’t have to be off-limits. Even you have a family of three or more, you can decorate a sophisticated house that’s comfortable and fun. You just have to know some dos and don’ts for putting together rooms that will stand up to family life and still look chic.


    Here are some tips and pieces from our furniture stores in Los Angeles for decorating a sophisticated child-friendly home:
    Put Your Delicate Collection in a China Cabinet, Not on a Cocktail Table


    A delicate glass collection arranged on a cocktail table and the silk upholstery stretched on armchairs are decorating don’ts for family-friendly homes. You don’t want to forbid your kids from setting foot in your formal dining room or your family heirloom to get broken by them. Put your glass collection in a china cabinet, like the Newhouse 2-Piece China Furniture from Coaster, to avoid these problems. This allows you to display your family heirlooms without prohibiting your kids from the dining room.


    Go for a No-Fuss Look


    A clean-lined but comfortable look is the way to go. Avoid couches and chairs with skirts, as these attract pet hair, dust bunnies, and dirty footprints. Sofas made of microfiber or vinyl materials, like the Lauren Sofa Bed from Coaster, are a smart choice for child-friendly living room. These furniture are low maintenance and easy to clean.


    Use Colors and Patterns that Camouflage Minor Mishaps


    Think ahead and don’t be afraid to use colors and patterns that camouflage minor mishaps and inevitable spills. Use red or any dark-colored carpets to warm up spaces, add texture, and protect your floors from stains, while offering a softer landing.


    Make Dressers an Element of Design


    Make storage an element of design with decorative baskets and dressers with many shelving. Use functional and chic dressers, like the contemporary Elena Dresser, to easily organize items, such as board games, toys, DVDs, and more. Store frequently used items on top shelves and safely display family pictures on top of the dresser.


    Visit Daniel’s Home Center for more furniture pieces and sets that suit a sophisticated and child-friendly home. By choosing smart furnishings, storage solutions, and accessories, you can decorate a beautiful, efficient house that enhances your family’s lifestyle.

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  • Designing a Room Your Kids Will Love

    Posted on October 1, 2013 by admin


    South Point Bed from the New Classic Furniture collection

    Children love hanging out in their rooms to play games, listen to music, daydream, study, and whatnot. Designing a kid’s room, however, requires a very different strategy than that for adults. Before letting loose on your kids’ room design, try to figure out what your child likes. Decorating a room is a great way for your children to express their personalities. It is also an opportunity to learn more about what your kid likes. You may just be surprised to learn that your child has a fondness for boats, animals, or a particular color.


    Children rarely forget their own room growing up. Here are a number of tips from Daniel’s Homes to ensure your child is just as in love with their room’s design as you are.


    Have Fun with Accessories


    You can have fun with accessories, without having to spend big money. Usually, they don’t cost much and are a great way for you to add some spunk to the room. Try beaded door hangings or add accent pillows with interesting patterns. String wire from wall to wall for an inexpensive way to hang and showcase your children’s art.


    Do Buy a Couple of High-Quality Items.


    Your children’s room will undergo plenty of transitions as they grow. At age 2 or 3, your child will move from a crib to a bed. By ages 6 to 12, their room transitions from a toddler’s room to a kid’s room. Once your child hits 17, you’ll have to redecorate once more. Stay one-step ahead by investing in quality furniture from our Los Angeles stores the first time around. With the number of redecorations their room will have to go through, it’s best to spend money on good dressers, like the Sedona Youth dresser, or on sturdy beds that will last.


    Exploit Storage


    Make the most out of all opportunities for storage by purchasing a bed with storage underneath, like the South Point Bed from the New Classic Furniture collection. Ensure there is enough storage space to stow away toys, books, clothing, and other stuff your kids treasure.


    It helps to assign a place for everything. This keeps the room organized, and makes it easier for children to find their things. Try stocking cubbies with school supplies or materials for arts and crafts, such as construction paper, crayons, markers, glue, and more. You don’t have to buy new storage containers when you can recycle. You can use old potato chip cans as storage bins, and label them.


    Children use their rooms for many different purposes. An ideal kids’ room is one where they can rest, read, be entertained, and express their playful spirit. Make sure you design theirs to be multi-functional with plenty of space for them to engage in their activities.

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  • Decorating a Small Entryway on a Grand Scale

    Posted on June 17, 2013 by admin


    Coaster Audrey Dresser

    First impressions last. The entryway sets the tone for your entire house, while serving a practical purpose to stash shoes, coats, and umbrellas as your family members come and go. This is why it’s important to make your entry hall visually appealing and organized. To help you out, the furniture from our LA furniture stores can help turn your entryway from drag to fab.


    Start with the Basics


    As with the rest of the house, choose the largest and most essential pieces of furniture first. With its small space, a chest like the Martine Home Ellipse Chest, is a natural choice for an entry hall, providing a place to store and remove belongings of your family members. Think of your storage needs, too. You’ll want a system for organizing gear and accessories, with several places to put odds and ends. A durable floor mat or runner is also a smart choice, as it adds warmth and style to the space.


    Mix Up a Variety of Storage


    A variety of storage makes the most sense when decorating an entryway. Add a closed container, like the Coaster Audrey Dresser, for seasonal or rarely used items, and an open storage for everyday items. A cupboard or console that combines open shelves and cupboards is also a reasonable choice. Extras, such as coat racks, bins, and shoe racks, are just right for outerwear, wet boots, and umbrellas. For optimum family cooperation, make sure there are storage options at every level, and dedicate a drawer or a bin to each family member.


    The best entryways make a strong statement and set the style for what’s to come. Be sure to visit us at Daniel's Home Center to see more items fit for your entry hall. It doesn’t take a lot of square footage to decorate an elegant and fully functional space to welcome your home. With the right furniture and design elements, you can create a small entry hall that’s stylish on a grand scale.

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