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  • Livin’ La Vida LA: Entertainment Units and Appliances on a Budget

    Posted on October 23, 2013 by admin


    Bluetooth Soundbar

    Entertainment goes beyond Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. You can bring it right to the comfort of your own home with a great entertainment room. Sometimes, having a television isn’t enough. With a perfectly designed entertainment room, you’ll feel as if you’re in a posh theater – only, you have it all to yourself. Some people think setting up an entertainment room is costly. Thankfully, we can help build your dream room without spending a fortune.


    Here are some tips on setting up an entertainment room on a budget.


    A Separate Room or the Living Room


    Before visiting a home center for furniture pieces, decide whether to use the living room or another room as your entertainment room. Most families turn the living room into an entertainment center, as this is where they spend time together. Some choose to use one of their spare rooms as their entertainment nook.


    When using the living room as your movie room, choose furniture pieces, such as an entertainment center, that match the rest of the items in the room. This way, you won’t have to replace most of your old living room pieces. The Maribel Entertainment Center comes in a casual design that’s perfect for most modern and conventional homes. With an urban flair, it can instantly give any room an up-to-date look.


    Know the Right Television Size


    The television is the focal point of your entertainment nook. Before buying a television set from our furniture outlet in LA, make sure you know the size of the TV you need. Measure the size of the wall or your entertainment center where you plan to place the unit. This can help you determine whether you need a 32-inch TV, such as the Sceptre HDTV, or something bigger.


    Don’t Forget Your Sound System


    You may have the best television set, but without a good sound system, you may not get that “Hollywood theater feel” you’re aiming for. LG specifically designed their Bluetooth Soundbar for flat-panel TVs. It features a 140W 2 Channel sound system. For less than $200, you can have a sound system that works well with your television and most Bluetooth devices. You won’t find a deal better than this.


    Setting up an entertainment nook doesn’t have to burn a hole in your pocket. With our affordable furniture items and appliances, you’ll find your family staying in during weekends than going out.

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